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Trevor Claar is no average 18 year-old. Trevor’s entire childhood has been nothing but full speed. He has always been a go getter. Trevor has always been quite the athlete, from football, baseball, basketball, skateboarding, wakeboarding, snowboarding, kayaking, fishing, gym rat... you name it, he’s done it.

Trevor attended Menchville High School of Newport News, Virginia and later graduated from a military school. He planned on joining the United States Army in September 2016.

After graduation, Trevor went to celebrate with his best friends in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, continuing a tradition that has preceded him for many years. Unfortunately, the life that Trevor had always known and lived ended in an instant. He dove into a crashing wave and hit an unknown sandbar, headfirst. Immediately, Trevor went completely limp and his friends held him above water until the lifeguards were able to rescue him. From there Trev was airlifted by Nightengale to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in Norfolk, Virginia.

During the transport, medics called Jessica Claar, Trevor’s mom. Trevor was awake and calm and told his mother how much he loved her.

Shortly after arriving to the hospital, it was found that Trevor had broken his neck and crushed his spine (fracturing his C4 and C6 cervical vertebrea, and shattering the C5), leaving him a quadraplegic from the chest down, including his arms. Trevor endured two surgeries that evening. He was cut open on the front and back of the neck, where the doctors removed the shattered C5 and replaced it with pipes and screws; he has since had two additional surgeries.

As of now, the only thing that can be done for Trevor’s spine is rehabilitation and physical therapy. The prognosis is grim; the doctors do not think Trevor will ever walk again, among other things. There is a long road of recovery ahead for both Trevor and his family and he will need endless medical treatment.

Trevor has been transported to The Shepherd Center, a nationally renowned spinal cord rehabilitation center, in Atlanta, Georgia where he will be able to receive the most extensive treatment possible in order to maximize his recovery. All donations made will ease financial stress on the family so they can focus directly on Trevor and his recovery. These donations will go toward all medical expenses, as these expenses are quickly adding up.

If you have met the Claar family, then you know how kind hearted they are. If you cannot donate, prayers and shares go a long way. Pray for a miracle. Thank you all for taking the time to read Trevor’s story. #TrevItUp #ClaarItUp

Trevor now has an address that you guys can mail encouraging and motivational messages, letters and cards to. 

Trevor Perry Claar
C/O Shepherd Center, Room 505
2020 Peachtree St., NW
Atlanta GA, 30309

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